I decided that it would be much cheaper and healthier to get a bread maker. After hours of research I have narrowed it down to 2, mainly because I can get a good deal on both. I need to decide within the next hour and I need help!!! So here are the brands and pros and cons:

Cusinart CBK-200:

- I can get it at Costco for (sells elsewhere for 8)
- beeps to let me know when to take out the paddle so there isn’t a huge hole when its done baking.
- beeps to let me know when to put in add ins like rasins or nuts
- easy to clean
- sleek stainless steel design
- convection fan to ensure even baking
- has a display window to see progress of the bread and lid can be lifted without disrupting the cycle
- has 12 cycles
- has 3 year warranty

- Apparently the tin is very thin and dents easily
- some people have complained that the teflon flakes off after serveral uses
- The biggest concern is that it is supposed to be very loud and the it beeps several times during the cycle so it makes it impossible to make while you sleep.
- apparently doesn’t have a pre heater so some ingredients need to be heated to a specific temperature before put in. I’ve never had a breadmaker before so I’m not sure how big of a deal this is.
- LCD screen is hard to read

Panasonic SD-YD250:

- Has overall better ratings (4.5 on Amazon compared to 3.5 for the cusinart)
- bread pan is sturdier
- BEST THING: it is incredibly quiet! It also has a time delay (so does the Cusinart but it is so loud it doesnt matter) so that I could set it to cook as I sleep and wake up to fresh bread
- has a pantented yeast drop that allows you to keep yeast in a seperate compartment that will drop at the optimum time. seems a little gimmiky so I dont know how useful it is.
- has the pre-heat feature so I dont have to heat liquids before putting in. Great for time delayed loafs.

- I can only afford it if I buy it from Craigslist for . It is used, but she says she hardly used it, however don’t know how truthful that is and cant take it back if not happy with it because she is moving out of the country.
- does not have warranty
- does not have a viewing window
- is not as attractive as the cusinart
- does not make jam (the cusinart does, although I dont know how often I would use this anyway)
- cannot take paddle out so there will be a hole at the end of baking
- recipe book it comes with measures everything in weight instead of cups

So please weigh in and let me know what one you think I should get. If you have either model please let me know your experience with them. Thank!

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